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~           Rossi's              ~              Restaurant            ~              270 Exchange Street              ~             Millis MA          ~

Our Family's Story

Forget antiques and heirlooms.  Joanna and Louie Rossi inherited something far more valuable- a love for the restaurant industry and a near magical ability to turn dining into an experience.  For generations the Rossi name has been synonymous with quality meals and satisfied diners in the Greater Boston area.  It was in the 1960ís that their grandparents- Domenick & Rosemarie Rossi opened a small bar in Dedham Square called Rossiís and added on until their family style restaurant could accommodate 500 guests.  Domenick and Rosemariesís son Lou worked in the kitchen from a young age and nurtured a passion for cooking over the years.  It was in his parentsí restaurant that Lou met and later married Beth.


After Domenick passed away, a newlywed Lou and Beth opened two restaurants- Domenickís in Franklin and Pelicanís in Norton.  In 1987 they were offered the opportunity to open a restaurant in Millis at the Rocklawn Building by the buildingís owners Tom and Donna Roche.  Rossiís Restaurant in Millis soon became a beacon for diners in search of authentic European cuisine nestled within the renovated Victorian Estate.  It was also the perfect setting for all kinds of occasions- weddings, rehearsal dinners, bar mitzvahs and more.  Joanna and Louie spent much of their childhood at Rossiís- Joanna helping her mother in the front of the house while Louie helped his father in the kitchen.


Although Lou died suddenly in 1995 at the age of 41, his legacy had already been handed down to his children.  Beth sold the restaurant in 1997 but the siblings vowed to one day open a restaurant of their own- even joking with the new owner to keep the restaurant going until they were old enough to return.  Ten years later, at the age of 25 and 21, Joanna and Louie opened a small restaurant in Wrentham called Louís Legacy, having filled the time in between consummately preparing to fill some pretty big shoes.  Joanna earned her BS degree in Hospitality Management from Boston University and spent time working in every capacity of the restaurant industry both in Boston and San Diego.  For his part Louie pursued cooking with the same fervor as his father, studying Culinary Arts at New England Culinary Institute in Burlington, Vermont and then honing his skills at notable establishments including Thomas Kellerís Per Se in Manhattan and Castle Hill Inn and Resort in Newport, RI.


In 2008, the Rossi family was given the opportunity to return to Rossiís at Rocklawn.  Extensive renovations were done to restore the building to itís original grandeur and the restaurant reopened in April.  Joanna and Louie look forward to continuing the third generation of age old family traditions and passions for the restaurant industry.